Congresses and events – (EN) Société Française de Nutrition

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In this part, one can find links directed to national or international events organized in the field of Nutrition, including the ones in which the SFN is involved.

Each year, the SFN-French Nutrition Society organises scientific meetings and  congresses, alone or in cooperation with other institutions.

In particular, the SFN organises together with the  « Société Francophone Nutrition Clinique et Métabolisme » (SFNEP) the annual nutrition Congress « Journées Françaises de Nutrition », with the collaboration of the dietician association « Association Française des Diététiciens-Nutritionnistes » (AFDN), the nutrition professorship  « Collège des Enseignants de Nutrition » (CEN) and the nutrition doctors «Fédération Nationale des Associations Médicales de Nutrition » (FNAMN). It is the most important scientific event dedicated to Nutrition held each year in France.