Missions of SFN – Société Française de Nutrition

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Missions of SFN

The SFN-French Nutrition Society is a non-profit organization (under 1901 law) which main objectives are:

  •  to contribute to the improvement of nutrition knowledge, especially regarding research
  •  to promote nutrition in all society fields where it could play a role
  •  to take part in teaching and training as well as in information about nutrition
  •  to represent French nutritionists at European (FENS) and International (IUNS) levels.  

To reach these objectives, the SFN:

  • is open to all actors implicated in animal or human nutriiton
  • will cover all fields involving Nutrition
  • will promote the links of SFN with basic, clinical and applied research and various society sectors
  • will organise each year one or several scientific meetings, alone or in combination with other non-profit organizations or parties
  • will generate opportunities for collective expertises
  • will dispatch information and reports, especially via its journal, Les Cahiers de Nutrition et de Diététique
  • will ensure an optimal leadership for French nutrition among national and international bodies

The SFN is managed by a board of 24 members, elected by the general Assembly.


  • At least one annual national Conference is organised under the  behalf of SFN, potentially in combination with other national or international non- profit organizations or parties.
  • The SFN owns the journal «  Cahiers de Nutrition et de Diététique », an acknowledged pluridisciplinary journal and communication tool. It publishes news, editorials, litterature reviews, original articles, training and teaching documents about all nutrition-related topics from food to dietary behavior.
  • Our hope is that this SFN internet website will allow optimized information exchanges and contacts for everybody at national or international level in the field of nutrition. 
  • SFN has raised a direct link with its members  thanks to a directory (with restricted access to members).