The SFN status – (EN) Société Française de Nutrition

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The Association (non-profit organization)  « Société Française de Nutrition », in brief SFN :

[checklist icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#3370b6″ circle=”” circlecolor=”” size=”14px” class=”” id=””]
[li_item icon=””]has been raised by joining the previously existing « Association Française de Nutrition » (AFN) and the « Société de Nutrition et de Diététique de Langue Française (SNDLF), according to the funding treaty dated  November 30, 2001[/li_item]

[li_item icon=””]is set and managed according to the French Juillet 1st,1901 law for non-profit organisations and its statutes can be downloaded by cliquing ici  here[/li_item]

[li_item icon=””]is acknowledged of « public utility»[/li_item]

[li_item icon=””]is managed by a Board composed of at least 18-24 members[/li_item]

[li_item icon=””]with a Scientific council of a maximum of 25 members[/li_item]